Our berth, centrally situated in the Port of Rotterdam, has all the space and facilities necessary and features a fixed onshore crane with a capacity of 12 tons.

Any additional external equipment required can be installed on-site as required.
All loading/unloading requirements can be met thanks to a carefully designed hoisting plan.

In our facility we also have:

  • overhead cranes
  • jib cranes


  • performing service operations
  • storage and transit
  • performing inspections
  • inertisation of vessels
  • etc.

Customers can order facilities according to their needs, with or without the additional capacity of operational staff.

STE also acts as the contact point for the transport of goods and liquids (to and from vessels, or otherwise), industrial and maritime cleaning services and any other service that may be required.

Service Terminal Eemhaven
Bunschotenweg 134
Harbournumber 2696
3089 KC Rotterdam

+31(0)10 76 00 440


Collaboration is key to STE; collaboration with a variety of specialist service providers, their staff, customers and suppliers.

Just like many of its customers, STE is internationally oriented.

STE does everything for its customers at any time required, and expects the same from its collaboration partners.


STE can provides everything you could possibly wish for!

A 210m mooring jetty, including:

  • all required facilities, such as indoor and outdoor cranes, steam, etc.
  • additional indoor and outdoor space for storage and transit

For whom

STE rents out the berthing facility plus the adjacent indoor and outdoor spaces and operates as the contact point for all conceivable services.

STE is available for, among others, businesses active in trade, industry, logistics and the shipping industry.